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Conversations of Sai S. Suresh with Guru

Posted on: 08 June 2017 07:10Bangalore

Sai Heal Your Life - Sai S Suresh Our mind and body work in tandem with each other. Mind constantly interacts with the body. For example, when one is angry, the emotive feelings are seen with the eyes turning red, face looking devilish & fierceful.. When Baba is asked as to why does this happen? Baba says, when the mind is still under development and when the body overtakes the mind, such things do happen to appear. It means that mind should think well and mature to allow the body to act and and not vice versa. Constant practicing and the training of the mind is to be done by meditation, and there will be still a long way to go to master it. Mind is the determining factor for our health, wealth or death. If any Doubt Contact Me Email Us: ( She get the energy in Baba After explain the Yours..) Visit : Book on Appointment ( )

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