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Posted on: 11 August 2017 18:43Ahmedabad

If you have Darked/Defaced currency notes issued by any Recognized Monetary Organizations Across the globe or By Any Finance Firms Under The International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.),We do Restore them back through the use of our Highly Effective products, be it US Dollars, Pounds sterling,Euro or any local currencies Black Money.100% Satisfaction guaranteed.You must not pay for materials used for services,but the company will have to deduct money on %5 percentage at the completion of your job. Our registration and Laboratory fee RS 20,000INR You will not have to pay for the required SSD solution; Our company will provide the SSD solution and after the completion of the cleaning process. we shall be entitled to 5% of the total money. Upon your acceptance of this terms and conditions .we will inform you on how to make the payment. and we can also work on machine cleansing, but it all depends on the laboratory results. Thanks as you contact us today. Contact customer care service 24hrs with your: Telephone Your Name

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