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Post Graduate Diploma in HVAC Engineering

Posted on: 09 Dec 2020, Category: Professional Studies

Role Of HVAC engineer in industry Head Load calculation Psychometric Charts Duct Sizing and layouts guidelines Energy, Heat, Unit conversion Thermodynamics laws, system, surrounding, process Vapor compression cycle. Ventilation system Air Conditioning System System Component like AHU, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Blowers, Diffusers, grills; filters & dampers Design & Analysis of comfort AC system for various applications, viz.: Shopping mall; hotel, pharmacy and industry etc. Material Selection and BMS (Building Management System HVAC Piping selection and installation Equipments, viz.: WRAC; split AC; package units; AHU &chiller packages Instrument required for field measurement, inspection & quality control Guidelines : a) Installation and Troubleshooting. b) Checking of Vendor Data c) Code review and basics of Fire fighting design d) Introduction to Components of fire protection system e) Raw/gery water under ground and overhead tank sizing along with pump selection. Introduction to components of plumbing and drainage system and their selection criteria 9833296067 0 Mumbai